Dennis d Coverdale  (Saturday, December 31 2011 15:04)
It would be a sin to shut this shop , please re consider powers that be , this shop is Loved .


Sharon Morton of Hertfordshire  (Friday, December 23 2011 14:47)
PLEASE STAY OPEN FOREVER... pie n mash is my favourite food of all time, having grown up on it, and on my birthday every year, Christmas Eve, I choose to visit your fine establishment for double pie n mash.... I am going tomorrow.


Peter Dand  (Sunday, December 04 2011 20:20)
I was brought up with pie and eels, a great favourite of my father. A trip to the shop from my home in Wiltshire is a wonderful treat. To lose this facility would be a great shame. Doesn't history and tradition count for anythinhg. I simply don't believe the plan will regenerate Shepherds Bush Market. Would I want to live adjacent to the market and within a few yards of the H&C line - No. So the commercial units are of 'poor visual quality,' so what! Try the pie and eels!


Joe Field (Tuesday, November 29 2011 12:44)
This is outrageous. Cooke's is famous across the World, how can they disregard such heritage? And you won't get better food anywhere!!


SAM FIELD (Tuesday, November 29 2011 12:32)
I have submitted my comments on the planning application. It is a travesty. Our whole family through generations have eaten at Cooke's. It is so delicious, fresh and tasty, real comfort food from the first mouthful to the last. We were there on Saturday and bought take away also which we had last night, and just as delicious ! My husband's first solid food was eaten at Cookes asw was his nephews ! We can not let them take it away from us. I know so many people who only go to the bush purely for Cookes Pie n Mash ! From all over the world too ! It is part of our heritage and must be saved !!!


Mark Pedder  (Thursday, November 24 2011 13:40)
This must be stopped! There is plenty of brown field sites that can be used.


dave  (Wednesday, November 23 2011 16:13)
Just been to cookes pie n mash shop. The our n mash was spot on. If only it got promoted more then maybe it might not get the chop and gain the support of more people to keep it. It has plenty of history to attract people.


Ben (Wednesday, November 16 2011 02:39)

Great Pie and Mash! This is what makes London London. How can they shut down somewhere like this, shut down a starbucks or mcdonalds and build some flats on there instead.


john & Rosemary Hilton (Thursday, November 03 2011 16
Saturdays mean watching our beloved Rangers and pie & double mash.
Being done this for donkey's years


Sian (Thursday, November 03 2011 16
Leave Cooke's alone! It's the best pie and mash shop in London and the ONLY one left in West London.


Paul (Thursday, October 27 2011 13:28)

You simply cant close this piece of local history, Steve Jones & Paul Cook use to eat in there! Sex Pistols! what more do you have to say!

jacky holder (Tuesday, October 25 2011 18:59)

No you can't shut the shop. its been going for so many years and a brilliant place. food loverly. looking to place a big order for my dad's 80th in november. we have so many memories of this place.

gladys m kirk Saturday, October 22 2011 18:04)

I hope you win,I always head for my pie/mash when I come up from slough whear the concil moved me when they took away our home please don't take more of our land marks away.


Sue and Chris Smith>(Thursday, October 20 2011 11:47)

I was born in Richford Street in 1952 and my childhood memories consist of Saturday lunch at Cooke's. The thought of this landmark shop in Shepherds Bush going does not bear thinking about. In fact, only today we had decided to have lunch there and visited the website to check times - only to find the planning info. THIS IS OUR SUPPORT FOR YOU!!!!


Paul Flaherty (Thursday, October 13 2011 21:00)

Teacher! Leave our Pie & Mash alone!

Joanna Biddolph Wednesday, October 12 2011 01:31)

I'm so hoping for good news. Please keep me informed.

Nicola Maher Saturday, October 08 2011 15:31)

This is in my opinion the best pie and mash shop in London and we need to save it


ron cissell (Wednesday, October 05 2011 19
please save are pie and mash shop it will be a injustice to see another part of londons history disappear

Dominic B. B. Salter (Sunday, September 25 2011 17:47)

Please don't let another piece of London go by the wayside! Why do developers demand more of London's History than they ever give back! Leave our traditional eateries alone! PIE & MASH FOREVER!

colin hayes Saturday, September 24 2011 21:09)

We need traditional shops and this is one of the best. The council should not purchase it as it probably will not be reopened. If the council does purchase it, then they should provide a local alternative at a discounted rate. Alternative locations are available and should be used first.


steve whiting (Wednesday, September 21 2011 21:33)

Keep our british tradition in Shepherds Bush please

Jane Medley (Tuesday, September 20 2011 16:20)

I agree save cookes pie and mash shop

ED BODEN (Sunday, September 18 2011 14:43)


Steve Hanscomb (Tuesday, September 13 2011 14:45)

Keep Cooks!



Discussion closed
  • Graham Turner (Wednesday, October 22 14 07:09 pm BST)

    My Dad was born and raised in Shepherds Bush. His parents had a green grocers stall in the market. He would eat at cookes when he was growing up in the 30's. He moved to Uxbridge in the 50's. one
    Saturday a month he would take us on the 207 to Shepherds Bush Green walk down Goldhawk road and have Pie and eels for lunch. (the best in London) He passed away in 1991 and I have since moved to the
    USA but no visit back to London is complete without a trip to cookes. I hope this landmark will not be lost..

  • Harry Dooley (Wednesday, October 22 14 09:01 am BST)

    Saddened to see that you will be closing soon, I hope to get to london before this happens for some great pie and mash.

  • adam pearce (Monday, March 03 14 08:02 pm GMT)

    developers stay away. leave us alone. cookes pie and mash is in my blood and has been for over 60 years, its the best food in the area and most of all great value.

  • Ray Davison (Friday, February 28 14 09:15 pm GMT)

    It's worth the trip from Marlow to visit one of my families favourite haunts from way back when we lived nearby.
    As most of the other pie and eel shops have closed down,this one must be preserved.
    By the way,where are the old marble top tables and vinegar served in big bottles with peppercorns?No doubt something to do with Health and Safety.Keep going

  • Chris Roberts (Tuesday, February 18 14 04:24 pm GMT)

    Just visited the best pie & mash shop with my brother.Keep Cookies open,too many small businesses get wiped out for developers profits.

  • Kat (Sunday, February 16 14 03:22 pm GMT)

    This is the country's best Pie and Mash shop. My dad took me here as a child. I took my bestfriends here for my birthday as their first taste of real london food. I hope this place never closes. It's
    the only place I want to visit when in London.

  • Carla (Monday, February 03 14 07:17 am GMT)

    I read about Cookes online, before my trip to London. I had to try it. The staff was so kind, and the pie & mash was very delicious. I'll visit again next time I come to London. I hope it never

  • Lynette (Wednesday, January 29 14 11:15 am GMT)

    Wow.. Just had my first online order as I couldnt travel down to London amazing and so happy. Fantastic Service.

  • Carol Spencer (Tuesday, January 28 14 06:43 pm GMT)

    Cooke's is part of Shepherds Bush history, they well known all over. Please don't let another piece of Shepherds Bush heritage go.

  • Tony Liggins (Tuesday, January 28 14 10:42 am GMT)

    My Mum started me on pie and mash, when I was lad in the late 1940s,when she took us to
    Cookes, I still have the taste
    Iam now using the online ordering service now, as I have moved down to Berkshire.

  • Tina Stevens (Thursday, January 16 14 09:24 pm GMT)

    It's not broken, so don't fix it !!! for goodness sake! My whole family speak with almost a holy reverence about Cooke's Pie n Mash. The shop should be a listed building. RENOVATION AND REFURBISH NOT

  • Gill Hazell (Saturday, January 11 14 08:49 pm GMT)

    mash and liquor is what my kids were weaned on! Save this part of our working class heritage, Please :)

  • Harry Dooley (Friday, November 29 13 02:02 pm GMT)

    great pie and mash, I hope all goes well and you are serving this great tradition in 2034

  • Crystal Coughlan (Tuesday, November 19 13 02:07 am GMT)

    I love this place as all my family have loved it. My great grandparents used to bring their kids here and hopefully one day I will bring my own. The Pie & Mash shop is a national institution and
    part of the great british identity - a treasure which should be protected and preserved.

  • Lillian John (nee Rothwell) (Saturday, November 09 13 08:42 pm GMT)

    No No this cannot be happening, my sister, brother and niece were just there, from Hertfordshire, they take photos of Cookes pie and mash to send me, because I miss it,,since I have been in Canada
    over 40 years, our mum took us there when we were kids, great memories, it has to stay, keep Cookes pie and mash forever please.

  • Fritz Telegadas (Thursday, November 07 13 04:51 am GMT)

    Please don't let them close the pie and mash shop. It my dream to visit when I travel from California to London someday

  • Gary Bishop, Chelmsford (Wednesday, October 16 13 06:12 pm BST)

    Best pie and mash in London!! Good luck hope you win the day, it'll be a travesty if you don't.

  • fred felce (Friday, October 04 13 02:46 pm BST)

    Please save Cooke's pie and mash shop going to visit again soon superb also rangers supporter both go down a treat!!!

  • Lynn Nolder (Sunday, September 08 13 06:20 pm BST)

    I brought my Dad for pie, mash,& eels on 7th Sept. It was his first visit to the shop, which he knew well as a kid, for many years. We had a lovely meal and he was chuffed to bits, chatting to
    the girls!! Thanks, Mike, for taking the time to come and say hello. A complete sin if this place is swept away for the sake of "progress". Some things should stay the same.

  • Garry HUBBLE (Friday, August 30 13 02:27 pm BST)

    Saw a documentary on the Sex Pistols on youtube and Steve Jones and Paul Cook went to Cook's for a pie and peas. Saving my pennies to get to Britain and you're on my list!

  • Danny Collins (Tuesday, August 27 13 12:00 pm BST)

    I used to live Godolphin Road.W.12 in the late 1940's and early 1950's and when I was a little boy was sent to get a take away every week for the family.I bought jam jars for the liqor and the pie
    and mash was wrapped in newspaper

  • Ben Gardner (Wednesday, August 14 13 04:25 pm BST)

    first time eating here today. never felt so welcome. pie and mash was incredible, and the liquor has become a new staple...

    will be back, and bringing friends..


  • Alan Wiseman (Saturday, August 10 13 09:05 am BST)

    Pie, mash and liquor from Cookes has long been a family treat, and one we would seriously miss. My wife has been a customer for over 60 years. My son regularly drives me 12 miles to pick up PML for
    the family from the always friendly staff. Cookes Pie & Mash shop is an institution which should not be threatened.

  • Gillian McFetridg e (Wednesday, August 07 13 09:49 pm BST)

    Three generations of my family have used cookies and i often pick it up to take to my dad in CornwallThe best meal in west London It would be a sin for it to be closed down and we cannot let it

  • John Casbard (Tuesday, August 06 13 06:20 pm BST)

    Popped in today with my father in law,it's the first time he'd be back in there for 62 years. He said it tasted" just how he remembered it"best pie and mash shop in London..

  • Donna (Thursday, July 25 13 06:00 pm BST)

    If i was on death row and i could only eat one last meal have a guess what it would be ????
    You got it! Pie and mash from the one and only cookes.
    My nan is now 90 yrs old and has been coming here since she was a little girl and passed down to my mum ,now her kids ,now our kids .
    London needs to keep its history . This shop is part of londons history and my families.
    This shop brings back so many memories and and is a very special place to come and eat .
    This shop will not go down without a fight from me and many others .
    Good luck Donna @ slough

  • lauraG (Wednesday, July 17 13 09:59 pm BST)

    There is no way anyone will let them shut you down! BEST pie and mash ever!!!!!! love it! I am thrilled to discover the delivery service too!! will be using it tomorrow!

  • Karl Stanley (Tuesday, July 09 13 08:21 pm BST)

    Places like Cookes are a national treasure,flats are not.!!! Move the dam flats to another location save our heritage...

  • Carol Evans (Saturday, June 29 13 01:56 pm BST)


  • Oliver Antosch (Friday, June 28 13 09:25 pm BST)

    Most delicious pie I had in London. Keep going!

  • becky rogers (Monday, June 24 13 11:01 am BST)

    My nan used to bring me here all the time till she passed 4 years ago but we still visit on her anniversary and when we can as i have so many fond memories and it makes me feel close to her as the
    staff still remember her..its not just a pie and mash shop, its a family to all that go and its part of london history and should remain...may i add im not a local i travel from brighton just to have
    my pie and mash at cooks.. it will be a very sad day if it was forced to go !!!

  • Pam Hunter (Saturday, June 22 13 09:56 am BST)

    Just travelled 150 miles to have what London does best - pie and mash at Cookes in Shepherds Bush. Its a part of our great british hertage and cookes do it best - don't let it be taken away for a
    block of flats they can other space for them. Cookes is much loved!

  • roy brown (Tuesday, June 11 13 03:00 pm BST)

    what the hell is wrong with these people do they not know what a great meal pie and mash is there is not much left of the old school as it is SO LEAVE WELL ALONE

  • Paula Burke (Sunday, June 09 13 06:43 pm BST)

    Please don't let yet another icon disappear in to a memory. Save Cookes Pie and Mash Shop!

  • Vicki Shelley (Wednesday, May 22 13 06:52 pm BST)

    It would be a crime to shut down Cookes, it's the best pie and mash shop on the land. I have fond memories of this place, my dad would take me there most Saturdays, I live in SW London and often
    travel to Cookes and get a takeaway, in fact I'm going there tomorrow, can't wait feeling hungry thinking about it :-))

  • Dave & Trudi Herbert (Tuesday, May 07 13 04:04 pm BST)

    Drove up from Swindon on Saturday 4th May just for pie and mash. It was absolutely lovely. thank you so much :)

  • KEITH RICHARDS (Friday, May 03 13 06:14 pm BST)

    I live in Southampton,but realize that we(ENGLAND)should keep tradition/heritage!!
    Don't shut down another piece of history!!

  • gill mellor (Friday, April 26 13 06:13 pm BST)

    I am from stoke-on-trent and cookies should be saved, been getting jellied eels and pie and mash for over 40 years from that shop, my uncle bob always took me there, good luck lads

  • Tony Wotherspoon (Wednesday, April 10 13 06:03 pm BST)

    Been brought up in Cookes since a kid along with my dad and his mum, This would be a travesty to close this in Newbury now but never miss a chance to pop in when im passing.

  • Chris and Soph (Tuesday, March 19 13 10:24 pm GMT)

    Visited Cooke's for the first time at the weekend, sat in Jimmy's seat while we ate! Amazing bait and cool staff - this shop is a cultural diamond in a world of faceless high street chains.

  • Sheila Smith (Sunday, March 17 13 02:27 am GMT)

    It will be a crime against humanity to close Cookes. I've lived in California for many years but every time I go home my first stop is Cookes....brings back so many happy memories of my
    ate there twice a week for many years and also took my basin to be filled TO GO! MAY YOU STAY OPEN FOR EVER. Please let us preserve our history.

  • Charleigh Bane (Tuesday, February 19 13 07:40 pm GMT)

    I was brought up on pie & mash, the bane family met up every Saturday at Cooke's, and we still eat there 40 years later losing cookie's would be like draining the blood out of London. Please Save

  • Gillian (Saturday, February 09 13 05:19 pm GMT)

    My nan used to run a flower stall in shepards bush market in the 40's up to the seventies! The treat when we went to visit was to go to Cookes! In May my brother who now lives in Devon wants to go to
    cookes for his 60th birthday!....we are distroying all the heritage of this country.....people need continuity and familar things. Think the people making desitions on planning have never grown up in
    this area and dont realise the passion that cookes provokes! Build somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Hayes (Saturday, February 02 13 09:10 pm GMT)

    cookes pie n mash,like quadrophenia "its a way of life",long may it continue.

  • I Johnson (Thursday, January 10 13 06:54 pm GMT)

    Write to Boris,see what hes got to say about it.
    Write to the Daily Mail as well,they may be interested in a feature.I used to eat here in the 80s,now living in the Cotswolds...will be in on the Saturday though when up in town.You MUST stay !!

  • Neil Morgan (Monday, January 07 13 12:01 pm GMT)

    My online order arrived in Edinburgh securely packed and frozen and was every bit as enjoyable as I'd hoped. All being well I 'll be in London in
    the Spring and will, of course, be planning a trip to Shepherds Bush to visit your iconic premises.

    Very best wishes to Audrey and everyone at the shop for 2013.

  • George (Saturday, January 05 13 04:43 am GMT)

    My Dad's family all were brought up in & around the bush, QPR through & through, I lost count the times in Cookes it's always be a tradition, when Hammersmith lost its P&M shop it was sad
    day, these days you need the pasted to inform the young.
    Keep fighting Hammersmith council these faceless people need to stop chasing the money and start looking at new & old living & building together as one.

  • J Clark (Friday, December 21 12 08:43 pm GMT)

    I grew up in Shepherds bush, QPR on a sat with pie and mash by yourselves. i now live in the north east and visit once a year (last week, always a birthday treat) i can't tell you how excited i am to
    find out you deliver!! It is always amazing and i love coming in the shop, brings back so many happy memories for me....keep up the good work :o)

  • Arleen Colon (Wednesday, December 19 12 04:42 pm GMT)

    I visited your establishment yesterday for the first time and regret being too full to have a proper eel stew and mash! The sample was wonderful, thank you. I chatted with Angela who is a doll and
    can't wait to go back!

  • D.Dixon. (Tuesday, December 11 12 04:21 pm GMT)

    Hammersmith Council,do you really want to destroy a national treasure like Cookes for the sake of a few greedy developers who will just homogenise everything in the area and destroy any character
    Please prove you are not just faceless bureaucrats and save Cookes for future generations to enjoy...please please please.It is one of the highlights of my visits to Hammersmith.

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